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At Nakielny, the time stands still for a moment. The place is filled with intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee, while you feast your eyes on various sweets: cakes, tarts and pies. Each dessert is a small work of art. We are experts in delicious, impressive cakes, that serve as a real celebration of exceptional events. Nakielny’s milkshake has quickly become the cult product of the café. What’s more, every season we introduce new products to constantly surprise our customers.

In winter, you will be able to enjoy our multi-fruit punch with spicy seasoning, while in summer you may choose from a wide range of frozen coffees and teas or fruit smoothies. For lovers of savoury snacks, we have prepared a large selection of tarts. For those constantly in a hurry, we recommend a variety of sandwiches, also as take away. This is without a doubt an obligatory location for those who enjoy leisure.

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  • Date added: 16.05.2018
    We are looking for people for "Nakielny" cafe. Nakielny is a unique cafe where time stands still for a moment. It's motto is "stop and rest!".

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